About us

The Trunk specialises in buying and selling of pre-owned designer handbags.

The idea for The Trunk came from the desire of our co-founders to have safe, efficient and reliable way to buy and sell pre-owned luxury handbags in South Africa. Drawing inspiration from their love of designer labels and other international market leaders in the pre-owned designer goods space, The Trunk was born. The objectives of The Trunk are:
• To provide our fellow luxury-lovers with world class customer service to make the experience of both buying and selling a handbag pleasant
• To provide access to designer handbags to a wider group of customers
• To provide South Africa with a local, trusted source of pre-owned luxury handbags
• To provide owners a way to trade-in or sell their handbags

Letter from our Co-founders
Dear Customer
Thank you for your interest in The Trunk! Whether you are a potential customer, a returning customer or a seller, we are so happy that you have decided to use The Trunk as your luxury handbag destination.

The Trunk was founded in 2013 and since then has grown into a company that we are proud of. The idea for The Trunk came from our desire to see South Africa feature on the map of resale of authentic designer items. At the time, we had seen the pre-owned luxury item trade growing rapidly internationally but found nothing similar in South Africa. As we have such an obsession of designer handbags, we decided that they should be the soul of our offerings.

We cannot say that it was always smooth sailing. In the early stages, we found that South Africans had not been exposed to the idea of selling their beloved beautiful handbags. But luckily, this was something we understood. We loved our handbags just as much as our sellers! But as we started buying more and more, we saw that anxiety of losing something special was transformed into excitement of looking for a new special handbag.

Our primary focus has always been to provide our customers with a safe shopping experience. Safe in a sense that our customers are assured that all our bags undergo intense scrutiny prior to being put on our site. This process involves assessing the condition of the bag, ensuring that the bag has no damages and most importantly giving the bag The Trunk’s stamp of authenticity. We pride ourselves in this promise to provide only the best quality pre-owned handbags to our customers and if you ever feel, in any way, that we are staying true to this promise, please contact us directly. This is why we always aim to treat our customers as well as they would be in any luxury retail store in the world.

We have come so far from our early years of seeing a buyer or seller email us once a week and we still have so much more room for growth. Our dream is to see our range extent to include other luxury items and as we grow further, we will explore this avenue.

Please tell your friends, tell your colleagues, tell your family about The Trunk and let’s see the love of luxury grow!
Thank you again for your support.
Have a fabulous day

Lauren-Ann Hannington & Cayla-Rae Hammond (Co-founders)