This cornerstone on which our business is built on.
We know that there are many replicas of various high-end designer handbags available. Whether it is a cheap knock off that is sold in flea markets or on the side of the road, or a super fakes which are sold as “genuine replicas” in boutiques or on website they still do not provide the same satisfaction that comes from owning a genuine designer handbag. Some of these handbags are easily distinguishable as fakes while others require a trained eye in determining authenticity. The Trunk is very careful when purchasing and selling handbags and we only sell authentic items. Our skilled authenticators use various methods to distinguish fake handbags from authentic handbags.



How we prove authenticity:

  1. Ask for the original invoice for the handbag – if available
    2. Examine the handbag for a date code, serial numbers and style numbers
    3. Examine the stitching, brassware and material of the handbag
    4. Go to the particular brands store and ask them to certify authenticity – only when necessary

After we are satisfied that the handbag is authentic we will purchase the item and it will go on sale on our website.

If the customer is not 100% satisfied with the authenticity of the item we offer a money back guarantee.