Trunk FAQ

Buying FAQ's

Does The Trunk guarantee Authenticity?
All handbags are assessed by authenticators who specialise in the brand that is being sold. We are confident that the handbags are authentic. If a buyer does not believe that the handbag is not authentic we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If there are any concerns about the authenticity of the handbag, you can use an online authentication service:
What are the conditions of handbags The Trunk sell and buy?
We are very selective in the handbags we buy. The different conditions are grouped into 4 different groups- New, Like new, Gently used and Well used. We include a detailed description of the handbags condition. We do not sell items that are damaged beyond regular wear and tear. We determine this level of damage as items with broken hardware, zippers, significant tears or stains.
Are the images shown on The Trunk's website of the actual items listed for sale?
Yes. We take individual, detailed images of every handbag. Should you require any other pictures of the handbag, we will happily supply the images you need.
Does The Trunk offer sell gift cards?
Unfortunately, we do not offer gift cards at this time.
Does The Trunk offer layaway or financing?
Because we are not registered as a credit provider with the NRC we are not able to supply layaways or financing.
Is my information secure?
All information provided during buying and selling is protected by our Privacy Policy which is compliant with the South African POPI guidelines.
Does The Trunk accept returns?
You have 7 days from date of receipt of the handbag to return it for a full refund. We must be notified within 48 hours or receipt of the handbag that is going to be returned. The shipping cost will be at the expense of the buyer. Refunds will be processed within 24 hours of receiving the handbag. Please be advised that a refund may take up to 5 days to clear in your account. To help avoid refunds please read the description and view the photos carefully and contact us if you have any concerns or would like additional pictures of the handbags before purchasing them.
What payment does The Trunk accept?
Payment is accepted through credit card purchases offered on the website through PayFast. Alternatively the you are welcome to do a direct deposit into our account. Please note the handbag will not be shipped until the full amount has cleared in our account. We do not accept cash on delivery payments.
How do I cancel my order?
All handbags that have not yet been shipped can be cancelled via email at Please supply your order number when cancelling an order.
Does The Trunk negotiate pricing?
No. The prices that are listed indicate a fixed amount. There are occasions when we run specials and the prices will be discounted accordingly.
How does The Trunk determine the prices of the handbags?
All handbags are researched and compared to other handbags that are in the same or similar conditions. The rarity, condition and age of the handbag are the main factors taken into consideration.
When will my handbag be shipped?
The Trunk ships your handbag within 2 business days from receipt of payment into our account.
What shipping methods does The Trunk use to ship handbags?
The Trunk uses Speedy Services and your handbag will be delivered to your nearest post office. The delivery time is about 3 days after we have shipped the handbag.
Does The Trunk charge for shipping?
No. All shipping is free within South Africa

Selling FAQ's

What brands does The Trunk currently buy?
LV, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, Prada, Hermes and more.
Does The Trunk sell or buy any other items aside from handbags?
No. In order to provide the most specialised service and products The Trunk currently only stocks handbags.
How do I ship my items to The Trunk?
When you ship handbags to The Trunk you may use any method of your choice. Please not that the shipping of product to The Trunk are done at your own expense.
What is consignment?
Consignment is when you send your handbag to The Trunk to be sold on our website. The handbag is the properly of the Consignor until it is sold. Please review our consignment page for details on the process and prices involved in consigning your handbag.